Keep Calm and Do Yoga

When you first attend a yoga class, you may feel a bit intimidated by all those exotically sounding names of poses in Sanskrit, but don’t get discouraged: soon enough endorphins will flow within and Entirely-You-Time will be on.

Let me share a bit of my experience here. It was a yoga class where I heard these wonderful words:

What’s past is in the past, what’s future is in the future – and you are here and now, so why don’t you just relax your muscles around your eyes and in between your eyebrows, in your chest and lower back, arms and legs, giving away all your weight to the ground to support you.

I think in those days I didn’t know I had muscles in between my eyebrows, seriously. :))) Another amazing quote I remember from those times:

It’s important to fully respect your limitations. For example, if you want to deepen the posture, don’t rush into it, because you can hurt yourself. Be kind and mindful: even the tiniest change, a few millimetres that can’t be noticed by someone looking at you – it’s still a change, it’s progress. It’s important that YOU can note it, feel it.

I think these statements are powerful because they help to create a mindful space within which it’s possible to start a deep body-mind union. What I mean by that is that the mind is there with it’s awareness, the body is there with it’s physical presence and feelings. They’re friends, respecting each other and staying present in what is, not expecting, or forcing anything, but always supporting each other.

The tricky part is – once you discover this deep body-mind connection in yourself – to remember about it and stick to it. Well, we’re all humans, so if you want to establish your new, deeper practice, you need TIME. So be generous in giving yourself plenty of it!

It’s said that it takes about 4 weeks to establish a new habit. I’m sure you’ve heard of a book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you haven’t – I strongly recommend it, not only for yoga purposes. 🙂




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