‚Thank you’ Post For My Yoga Teachers :)

I started practicing yoga in 2010, but it was the Teacher Training Course in 2016 that has shaped my understanding of yoga and helped me to develop grounding, nourishing base of my everyday practice. Here is why…

Szymon and Vinay, my teachers, guided the bunch of us through the milestones of yoga practice, including anatomy, studying postures, sequencing them into successful yoga classes, and spiritual and intellectual teachings of yoga. We spent three weeks together, studying from the early mornings until the evenings.

 I’m grateful not only for the content of the Training, but also for the opportunity to adopt their non-dogmatic and open-minded, fully professional and responsible approach to yoga – in both: practicing and teaching.

It was so inspiring to see how to embrace an ancient practice with its sensual and spiritual, intuitive attitude and very practical, hands-on learning about anatomy, safety, and cutting-edge scientific discoveries about human body and its functioning. Western and Eastern approach to understanding human being don’t exclude each other, on the contrary – they complement each other. It takes time and effort to go beyond the surface, study and understand this. My teachers really did that, and now they’re passing their knowledge on.

My dear teachers, thank you again, you lighten up my way. 🙂

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