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Songs of Whales Are Sang Within Us

We are so busy making noise on a surface of the oceans that we have no chance to hear what’s going on in the world deep down beneath it. A world full of life and beauty! I wonder, doesn’t it sometimes apply to our internal lives, too…?

There was a quiet evening when I was listening to the conversation between Krista Tippet and her guest, the oceanographer Sylvia Earle. She was the first person to walk solo on the bottom of the sea, under a quarter mile of water.

Her interest in the „inner space” (oceans) opposed to the exploration of the „outer space” (cosmos) and respect she shows to all forms of life amazed me and inspired me.

Sylvia Earle says:

„We think of life in the sea in terms of fish and whales and coral reefs and the like, but most of the action is very small, microscopic and submicroscopic.”

And these words make me think that this can be true, metaphorically, about our lives, too.

It’s small changes that make difference. 

A 10-minute meditation every morning, a smile, a hug, or an apple and some nuts instead of a chocolate bar can be a small change, but of a minor importance!

I love it when they talk about sounds in the ocean:

(…) now there’s so much sound in the ocean — something that we were simply not tuned into until fairly recently — that because of shipping, because of seismic surveys, the Navy does testing (…).

Sylvia explains that because it’s dark in there, the creatures live by their ears, not eyes. She tells a fascinating, awe-inspiring story about whales. It’s those recent studies that reveal how beautiful and complex whales’ sounds – or songs? – can be.

And again, a thought comes to my mind:

It’s subtle signs from our bodies, whispers of our intuition that we sometimes fail to notice, living our busy lives…! 

If you wish to listen to the whole conversation of Krista Tippet and Sylvia Earle, use this link.

Happy listening!

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