How Are You Today? Adapt Yoga Practice To Your Current Needs!

We want to stay fit – but we’d also love to be healthy, vital and more relaxed so we can truly enjoy ourselves. If you think about it in a long-term perspective, there’s so much more you could do for yourself than just repeating the same schedule no matter how you’re feeling.

Every day is different, so are our needs – sometimes we’re more energetic, and at other times we really need to regenerate. If you stop for a moment and try to ‘hear yourself’ – how you really are today – your body will ‘tell’ you. If you don’t ignore it and answer to the need with a proper adjustment, you’re on the best way to stay balanced and benefit profoundly from every yoga session you take. Your body will thank you for it with its vitality and strength! Healthy body is a happy one. 🙂


The journey towards the better balance.

So, how are you feeling? What would you need today to feel better?

Sometimes it’s not that easy to know it – I mean: to be fully and entirely aware of it – at once. That’s because we’re so used to making ourselves do something! I’ve reflected on this notion in my previous post you can read here. The good news is that we can improve our own integrity and self-connection, and we can start it NOW. It will come. No matter how little or big is the step you take, it always makes a difference.


But what does it mean in practice?

If you’d like to, you can give it a try and explore a different style of yoga – the one that you feel would be the best for you today. There’s such a variety of yoga studios and fitness clubs, so you can easily choose a class that would serve you best. But don’t worry if you really like your scheduled classes – you can always adjust your focus to your current intention or need. It’s entirely up to you how hard you practice and which part of a session is the most important for you. Just reflecting on that idea right before your class would be a wonderful practice of listening within and staying more balanced!

So – how are you today…? 🙂



PS: Part of practicing yoga is being comfortable. Whether this means on a mat or using a blanket – you may want to practice yoga on what feels right. If you need mat suggestions, this guide recommended by a colleague who asked me to share this with you, can help you find one that  suits your needs and is eco-friendly:

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