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Yoga for Teens – Let’s get started!

Exciting news! The new project – Yoga for Teens – has been launched! Congratulations, young yogis! You’re on your way to have lots of fun and learn amazing things!

This project is currently being run in Poland.

First of all – congratulations – you decided to come to my yoga class- which means you’re eager to move your body and be physically active – and that’s an amazing news!

It’s so great not only because yoga is fun, but it’s also a healthy, supportive habit for your body – and all thanks to you yourself! Well done!

Since you’re in charge of your well-being now, let’s get down to some basic rules:


  • you will need comfy clothes (PE tracksuit is absolutely fine, you don’t have to wear your leggings, but you’re welcome, if you prefer it over loosely fitting clothes);
  • we practice barefoot;
  • you need your yoga mat – it will provide the best support for you while you get into your poses – you don’t want to slide off ;);
  • have a small bottle of still water with you to keep hydrated.

And that’s a short reminder of the first good practice to incorporate to your healthy lifestyle:


  1. Stand straight, your feet parallel to each other, hip width
  2. Bend forward – while doing this, imagine that a little string attached to the tip of our head is gently pulling your forward rather than downward.
  3. Feel the weight of your body equally on your heels and toes.
  4. Release your head, let it drop freely to the ground. Gravity will help to stretch through the whole spine and release all tension from your back, shoulders and neck.

Phew…! That’s a relieve, isn’t it?

PS: If something is not as you expected it, that’s okay – allow yourself to do it your own way! It’s practice that matters – take one step at a time!



– Carolina


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