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Take a deep breath… that’s how any change starts

Take a deeeep breath… because every time you inhale, a new experience begins and if you start your yoga moves with a simple inhale, you may see how it helps to introduce change in your body… and isn’t it just awesome…?

Spring – wind is blowing, sun is interrupted every now and then by quick showers – the weather is changing all the time. And it’s all because of the wind. The wind is this movement that changes everything. It’s quite as breath in our bodies – where the deep breath is – the change happens!

Imagine yourself a moment after waking up – you are laying in your bed, yawning and probably – stretching at the same time!  That’s how your body gets its oxygen, but not only – breathing in enables our body to expand more while strechting, that’s how they sync and work together – and that’s great, because a good stretch strengthens our synovial joints (shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles) making them more resilient.

It’s worth a try to stretch from time to time when you have to sit by your desk for long – I guess many of you already do it, maybe even unconsciously ;). If you already enjoy your yoga practice, another amazing thing to do to bring relief to your back is a Downward Facing Dog – do it after school everyday and see the difference for yourself!

Here’s a little video how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaZjvoY8FsM

PS: Watch to the end! Do you recognize this pose? 🙂


–  Karolina


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