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Yoga for Teens – Balance

How to find balance between exercising and relaxing, speed and calmness, individual practice and working together? How to understand and practice balance in everyday life? It’s been an adventure to explore these questions – and many more –  on a mat.

This project is currently being run in Poland.

Balance – that’s a subject to explore not only on a mat – but it’s a great place to start to! Once you experience how lovely it feels to have a nice stretch after intensive yoga sequence to tone your muscles, it’s probably a little easier to find analogical balance in your everyday life!

Lots of homework? Let your head cool off while enjoying your favourite sport or manual activity! Too much telly? Let your eyes relax while having a nice walk through the park. Okay, but how to decide what is good for us? What do we actually need?

Your body is constantly telling you what it needs. If you pause for a moment to listen to it, sooner or later you will hear it!

And what about yoga?

Well, do you remember a Tree Pose?

What did you need to be able to do it? How did it feel like? 🙂


– Carolina


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