Have you heard this quote?

The ‚Earth’ without ‚Art’ is just ‚Eh’

Many believe (including me 🙂 ) that it’s very enriching and satisfying to establish an art practice – a moment in a day or a week when you have time only for yourself and your art. It’s not always easy, but in many cases totally achievable – why not to start with an art drawer which is only yours, secret, and full of your little art projects? Or arrange an otherwise unused corner of a room – like I did with my old desk I put in the kitchen corner – to make your tiny little (meaning: cosy and approachable) art studio?

my tiny kichen studio :) Any idea can work! As long as you’re able – and comfortable! – to sit down for a moment in between your everyday chores and enjoy your time with art. A tiny bit. But a bit. 🙂

“Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

Here is a list of fun practices for your creativity and artistic expression:

Happy artistic adventures!

– Karolina