YIN YOGA – it’s a gentle, deeply relaxing practice. It seems very delicate, but it’s an extremely abundant source of greatly nurturing and healing powers. Yin practice perfectly relaxes mind and body after a long journey (which is extremely yang by nature), it helps to regenerate in times of over-tiredness and enables you to unwind after a long week of hard work. The poses in Yin Yoga don’t require any muscle activity – in fact, this is an opportunity to deeply relax your muscles, and – if you like – to apply some stretching. Yin practice is an excellent choice if you’d like to spend some time with yourself in a mindful, nearly meditative focus on your body and breathing. According to the masters of Yin Yoga:

quiet muscles is quiet breathing; quiet breathing is a quiet mind. 😊

I’ve found that it can work the other way round, too, but that’s another story I will try to tell one day.

Try Yin Yoga with me – take a free Yin Yoga Class via YouTube. This is a part of a Yin Yoga Class on Skillshare – Learn To Create Your Ultimate Yin Yoga Practice! Take this class if you want to become an independent Yin Yogi!
The Skillshare class available here.

PS: If you have a project in mind and you’re looking for cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m open to new possibilities to deliver yoga every summer, when I’m free to choose my schedule.