Yoga in the Woods

In September 2017 I was asked to run yoga workshops for scouts during their camping in the woods. I couldn’t be more happy because I knew I was going to work with young people who truly love nature and we actually would have a chance to experience and cherish it.

It was a truly inspiring experience:

the workshop was early in the morning so we could smell the crispy forest air and feel the ground under our feet. When you touch the grassy ground with your feet it’s so powerful that all the grounding postures in yoga get the whole new dimension of their meaning. And that’s truly invigorating.

Being in nature, being supported by the earth under your feet can make you feel as strongly connected as possible – that’s what that experience gave me.

For me, the wisdom of scouts was that it’s really important to get out of town once in a while and reconnect with nature – because we are a part of it and if we’re able to mindfully experience it, it would make us stronger: calm, balanced, recharged. That may sound obvious, but a reminder might be useful – because in a haste of everyday chores it’s so easy to forget how important spending in nature is. So, here is a thought: why not to go out and get some fresh air? 🙂