Yoga gives space for open-minded attitude and curiosity of yourself and your body. When you breathe and move in a mindful way, you give yourself a unique opportunity to experience life in your body – or your body full of life – and that’s amazing.

Yoga for English-speaking community:

Yin Yoga Class available on Skillshare – click the pic and enjoy deeply relaxing Yin Yoga Class.
Group class is not for you? Try 1:1 Yoga Class – totally dedicated to you!

Yoga for Polish-speaking community:

Dla zdrowego kręgosłupa, dla równowagi – dla Ciebie. ZAPISY: kliknij w obrazek 🙂
Zajęcia grupowe nie są dla Ciebie? Spróbuj sesji indywidualnej.

My Approach to Yoga as a Yoga Instructor

In my practice as a yoga instructor, I pay special attention to creating an open-minded attitude and curiosity of yourself and your body, which is your best teacher and guide. Your own path is what matters here – your own, unique journey.

When your feet touch the mat, it’s like saying:

Hello, my body, how are you feeling today, what do you need from me right now to feel better?

And the body is answering. Every day it says a different story and that’s it! The unique adventure of feeling and listening within, reacting to your individual needs – these are great steps toward the unity within.

Styles of Yoga I Teach

Yoga is a vast source of good practices that help to take a loving care of your health and well-being.

Below, you will find styles of yoga that I teach:

Pick a yoga style for today – and have some nice, relaxing practice!


 – Karolina

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