Yoga gives space for open-minded attitude and curiosity of yourself and your body. When you breathe and move in a mindful way, you give yourself a unique opportunity to experience life in your body – or your body full of life – and that’s amazing.

Psst…! If you’re currently staying in Warsaw, we’ve got Yoga for Mums and Babies going on every Wednesday in a local community centre Dom Kultury Kadr – pop in and enjoy your flow!

When your feet touch the mat, it’s like saying:

Hello, my body, how are you feeling today, what do you need from me right now to feel better?

And the body is answering. Every day it says a different story and that’s it! The unique adventure of feeling and listening within, reacting to your individual needs – these are great steps toward the unity within.

In my practice as a yoga instructor, I pay special attention to creating an open-minded attitude and curiosity of yourself and your body, which is your best teacher and guide. Your own path is what matters here – your own, unique journey.

Yoga is a vast source of good practices that help to take a loving care of your health and well-being.

Below, you will find styles of yoga that I teach.

HATHA –  each posture is introduced step by step, with full awareness and attention to the details. There’s time to experience how the posture feels like for you. Hatha is great if you’d like to learn more about which poses are best for you, and in which variations, so you can fully benefit from them.

VINYASA– this style is for everybody who enjoys the feeling of flow: a sequence of postures that come one after another in dynamic coordination with breathing. There are Sun Salutations to begin with, followed by nice and energetic vinyasas – flows. This is an amazing opportunity to improve your fitness and strength, and to calm your mind, too. It’s entirely up to you how much effort you put into your exercises: so sometimes it might be a gentle, subtle flow, and at other times you can get really sweaty!

YIN YOGA – it’s gentle, deeply relaxing practice. It seems very delicate, but it’s an extremely abundant source of greatly nurturing and healing powers. Yin practice perfectly relaxes mind and body after a long journey (which is extremely yang by nature), it helps to regenerate in times of over-tiredness and enables you to unwind after a long week of hard work.

Pick a yoga style for today – and have some nice, relaxing practice!


 – Karolina

PS: If you have a project in mind and you’re looking for cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m open to new possibilities to deliver yoga every summer, when I’m free to choose my schedule.